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Welcome to My Site!


Hello! I’m Marta Rose

I look for the jewel in each person; I look for the light in people.  I love performing, entertaining, dancing, writing songs and jingles, playing piano, singing, teaching, connecting people, making people happy.  I like anything creative.  Designing promo materials, PR, articles, scripts, creating events from A to Z.  I stay active and healthy.  I love, love, love my family and my friends.  I feel blessed every day.

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My skills & experience

Moved to So Cal
Malibu Catering & Event Production
PCB Chamber of Commerce
Harley-Davidson of PC Beach

Dove into a 29-year career of ad agency and event production work.

Started my own business serving individual, corporate and entertainment clients.

As Director of Communications managed publications and events for 900 chamber members.

Strategic branding, marketing and events for two North Florida locations.


“I help business leaders with their branding, ad campaigns, marketing and events by bringing inspiration and FUN into the business, so that they can grow, make more money and LOVE what they do. 

– Marta Rose-Thorpe

Helping Businesses of All Sizes

here is how I can help!



Are you in a job you like, a career you love? Have you achieved a comfortable and …

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Young Adults

Young Adults

In a world with so many career choices and opportunities, how do you figure out…

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I can help your business with branding, publicity and event production. Are you interested in …

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My Mission for Business Organizations

I help organizations gain revenue, increase brand awareness, and give back to their community by producing fresh, fun events.

My Mission for Business Leaders

I help business leaders with their branding, ad campaigns, marketing and events by bringing inspiration and FUN into the business, so that they can grow, make more money and LOVE what they do.

Offical Blog Updates

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Is Your Community a Cool Community?
Is Your Community a Cool Community?

I love the term “cool community.” I wish I could say that I made it up, but I didn’t. An extraordinarily dynamic speaker at the national chamber conference I recently attended in Cleveland, Ohio used the term in an engaging lecture she gave at our last morning…

The Importance of Networking
The Importance of Networking

One of the biggest reasons people join a chamber of commerce is for what they will gain from the networking events. The Beach Chamber keeps its calendar full with numerous events throughout the year, giving its members and their guests multiple opportunities to meet new people and make new...

Thinking Outside The Blocks
Thinking Outside The Blocks

That sense of inclusion has also been critical in Orlando, Fla. Through myregion.org, a regional development program, citizens and leaders from public private, and institutional sectors combine resources to address the “questions, worries and hopes” of the community. Faced with...

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